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Content posted in August 2013
A Classic Presentation of SVC Syndrome
Monica Key  
8/30/2013   8 comments
Nurse practitioner Monica Key shares a case about an oncological emergency that required prompt intervention.
Removing the Barrier to Efficient Cancer Care: Pre-Authorizations
Joni Watson  
8/30/2013   10 comments
Joni Watson explains that the future of pre-authorizations may be minimized with the help of a newly implemented exemption program.
Time to Break the Bullying Cycle
Carole McCue  
8/29/2013   15 comments
Carole McCue provides us with a few tips on how we can help to eliminate workplace bullying, especially among nurses.
More Herbs, Less Salt Day
Laura Newton  
8/29/2013   12 comments
Nutritionist Laura Newton explains the harmful effects of excess salt and how to flavor food the healthy way.
Educating the Public on the Advances in Cancer Care
Nicole Haines  
8/28/2013   14 comments
Nicole Haines explains the lack of public awareness regarding the advances in cancer care.
Psychosocial Support Services: Still MIA
Deborah A. Boyle  
8/28/2013   14 comments
Debi Boyle stresses the need for an increase in psychosocial resources in order to help patients adequately cope with the stressors associated with cancer.
Do No Harm: Protecting Patients From Dangerous Greed
Sharlene Bidini  
8/27/2013   14 comments
Sharlene Bidini shares of few stories of harmful healthcare practices and their effect on patient care and safety.
When Is It Time to Turn In the Keys?
Teresa Brown  
8/27/2013   17 comments
Teresa Brown discusses the impact of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy and how it can alter a cancer patient's independence.
Validating Cancer Dreams
Julianna Paradisi  
8/26/2013   15 comments
Julianna Paradisi explains that we need to help support cancer patients from all aspects, even when it comes to the validation of dreams.
Becoming an Authentic Nurse Leader
Dianna Ellison  
8/26/2013   20 comments
Dianna Ellison explains that "doing the right thing" may help nurses become great leaders.
Karmanos App Helping Patients & Caregivers Find Cancer Clinical Trials
Michelle Bragazzi  
8/23/2013   14 comments
Community editor Michelle Bragazzi shares some news regarding an app that could help patients locate clinical cancer trials more efficiently.
TheONC Summer Video Blog Sweepstakes Entry: AnnMarie Walton
AnnMarie Walton  
8/23/2013   12 comments
AnnMarie Walton, MPH, RN, OCN, CHES, who is currently a per diem hematology/oncology nurse at the North Carolina Cancer Hospital, a research assistant at the Gillings School of Global Public Health, and a full-time PhD student at the University of Utah College of Nursing oncology cohort program, offers some tips on how to properly prepare for the OCN examination.
The R&R Series
Maggie Hughes  
8/23/2013   9 comments
Maggie Hughes shares some information on a program that offers self-care to its staff to help prevent burnout and compassion fatigue.
There's No Place Like Home
Cathy Cole  
8/22/2013   13 comments
Nurse navigator Cathy Cole shares her frustration regarding the lack of support for those cancer patients who are homeless.
Those Dread Words: 'It’s Back'
Deborah A. Boyle  
8/22/2013   10 comments
Debi Boyle discusses the need for further research and support to help cancer patients cope with fear of recurrence.
Understanding HPV Transmission & Prevention
Katherine Mitchell  
8/21/2013   18 comments
Katie Mitchell explains the prevalence of HPV and educating the public on transmission and prevention.
End-of-Life Planning: Remember Your Pets
Linda M. Gorman  
8/21/2013   11 comments
Linda Gorman explains the need to make family pet arrangements when creating a care plan for end-of-life patients.
TheONC Summer Video Blog Sweepstakes Entry: Joni Watson
Joni Watson  
8/20/2013   8 comments
Joni Watson, MSN, MBA, RN, OCN, Clinical Nurse Manager at Seton Healthcare in Texas, discusses the pros and cons of a shared, modular workspace.
Teen Uses Music to Comfort & Raise Awareness About Osteosarcoma
Teresa Brown  
8/20/2013   8 comments
Teresa Brown shares the story of one teen who turns to music to raise awareness about osteosarcoma.
Is Your Patient Really Non-Compliant?
Monica Key  
8/19/2013   19 comments
Monica Key suggests that we may be too quick to use the term non-compliance -- there is a difference between refusal and lack of patient resources.
Managing an Unexpected Job Change
Julianna Paradisi  
8/19/2013   11 comments
Oncology infusion nurse Julianna Paradisi explains some of the career changes she's experiencing due to the ACA.
Stupid Cancer Helping Young Adults
Michelle Bragazzi  
8/16/2013   11 comments
Community editor Michelle Bragazzi shares information of one online community that helps to support the unique needs of young adult cancer patients.
TheONC Summer Video Blog Sweepstakes Entry: Maggie Hughes
Maggie Hughes  
8/16/2013   8 comments
Maggie Hughes, LMSW, a medical oncology social worker at Emory University's Winship Cancer Institute, discusses a patient distress screening program known as CancerSupportSource.
Preparing Our Patients for Survivorship With Prehab
Deborah A. Boyle  
8/16/2013   6 comments
Debi Boyle explains the emerging discipline of prehab and how it may improve a cancer patient's quality of life.
Optional Doesn't Always Equal Unnecessary
Rachel Odo  
8/15/2013   9 comments
Social work specialist Rachel Odo explains that breast cancer reconstruction goes far beyond vanity.
The Home Care Nurse: A Key Member of the Cancer Care Team
Carole McCue  
8/15/2013   6 comments
Carole McCue explains the importance of effective home healthcare and the impact it can make on a cancer patient's life.
The Blurred Lines of Family Member & Nurse
Joni Watson  
8/14/2013   10 comments
Joni Watson explains the role of family member vs. nurse and knowing where to draw the line.
Being a Nurse Means Advocating
Monica Key  
8/14/2013   8 comments
Monica Key shares her experience from the state capital of Kentucky regarding the autonomy of nurse practitioners.
TheONC Summer Video Blog Sweepstakes Entry: Laura Newton
Laura Newton  
8/13/2013   8 comments
Nutrition specialist Laura Newton, M.A.Ed., R.D., L.D., Assistant Professor, University of Alabama at Birmingham, discusses the health benefits associated with green tea and the various ways in which we can drink this antioxidant-rich beverage.
Facing Life or Death
Linda M. Gorman  
8/13/2013   11 comments
Linda Gorman explains how we can help patients who request to terminate their lives, who may just require better symptom management.
Navigating the Vacation Season
Cathy Cole  
8/12/2013   7 comments
Nurse navigator Cathy Cole explains the importance of communication while oncology team members are away.
Clueless on Carboplatin
Julianna Paradisi  
8/12/2013   10 comments
Julianna Paradisi explains the importance of conveying updates to your staff regarding chemotherapy dosing.
TheONC University: Free CNE Credit Available
Michelle Bragazzi  
8/9/2013   17 comments
Community editor Michelle Bragazzi shares the most recent article available for CNE credit.
Targeted Therapy Showing Promise in PFS for Ovarian Cancer Patients
Katherine Mitchell  
8/9/2013   7 comments
Katie Mitchell shares information about a targeted therapy drug currently being trialed for ovarian cancer.
What Do You Do When Your Patient Is a Racist?
Michael Kaufman  
8/9/2013   12 comments
Michael Kaufman asks if racism from patients should be tolerated and accepted as part of the job.
Baseball & Brain Cancer: Is There a Link?
Teresa Brown  
8/8/2013   17 comments
Teresa Brown shares some concerning news regarding one Major League Baseball team's cancer cluster.
Maintaining Healthy Boundaries Between Patient & Professional
Rachel Odo  
8/8/2013   6 comments
Social work specialist Rachel Odo explains the fine line between professional help and extending ourselves beyond healthy boundaries.
Persistent Hiccups: Beyond Annoying for Cancer Patients
Dishon Kamwesa  
8/7/2013   12 comments
Dishon Kamwesa explains that what some consider to be a little annoyance, such as hiccups, may be a quality-of-life issue for cancer patients.
Lung Cancer Screening Recommendations: To Scan or Not to Scan?
Monica Key  
8/7/2013   6 comments
Monica Key shares the latest screening recommendation for those patients at risk for lung cancer.
TheONC Summer Video Blog Sweepstakes Entry: Julianna Paradisi
Julianna Paradisi  
8/6/2013   19 comments
Julianna Paradisi wants to know the weirdest thing you've done in your oncology practice.
Chemo Brain: Helping Patients Clear the Fog
Carole McCue  
8/6/2013   16 comments
Carole McCue shares her personal experience with altered cognition and provides some strategies on how we can help our patients with this common side effect.
Bright Pink: Empowering Young Women to Be Proactive About Breast Cancer Prevention
Maggie Hughes  
8/5/2013   7 comments
Maggie Hughes explains the mission of one non-profit organization helping to empower young women at risk for breast cancer.
Seeing Red From the Lack of Green: Declining Acute Care Admissions
Joni Watson  
8/5/2013   20 comments
Nurse manager Joni Watson explains how preparation for the ACA is having an impact on her healthcare system.
Webinar: Managing Side Effects of Targeted Therapies
Michelle Bragazzi  
8/2/2013   3 comments
Ann Calkin, RN, OCN, a thoracic oncology nurse at Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, discusses various targeted therapy treatment options along with the proper management of side effects.
Making Our Health Public
Rachel Odo  
8/2/2013   5 comments
Rachel Odo discusses a public health project that's currently taking place for those self-trackers.
Helping Patients Create New Memories Beyond Cancer
Nicole Haines  
8/2/2013   12 comments
Nurse navigator Nicole Haines stresses the need for survivorship care plans for patients to improve their quality of life.
The Break Room: Espresso & Guns – Rethinking the Doubleshot
Michelle Bragazzi  
8/1/2013   26 comments
Community editor Michelle Bragazzi asks if you would feel safe in a family establishment that allows loaded weapons.
Me & My Shadow: Fear of Cancer Recurrence During Remission
Teresa Brown  
8/1/2013   8 comments
Teresa Brown explains the fear often felt during cancer remission and survivorship.
Offering Cancer Patients Precise Treatment With Proton Therapy
Penny Sheffield  
8/1/2013   6 comments
Penny Sheffield shares some news regarding a new kind of radiation therapy that delivers precision with fewer side effects.

Webinar Series
Tuesday, October 29, 2013 12:00 PM EDT

Presented by Ellen T. Matloff, MS, CGC , this webinar will highlight:

  • How to determine which patients require genetic counseling
  • How to help prepare your patients for the genetic counseling process
  • Testing options that are now available
  • How you can utilize this data in managing your patients and their family members

Participants will also be able to ask questions during a live question and answer period with speaker Ellen T. Matloff, MS, CGC .

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 12:00 PM EDT
Wednesday, June 26, 2013 12:00 PM EDT
Wednesday, April 10, 2013 12:00 PM EDT
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Patriotacp on Enhance your Business through Excellent Website Promotion
Patriotacp on Enhance your Business through Excellent Website Promotion
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Marijke Vroomen Durning, RN,
10/27/2015  3
On October 22, 2015, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Onivyde (irinotecan liposome injection, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Inc.), in combination with fluorouracil ...
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