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Content posted in April 2013
Cancer-Related Fatigue: What Is a Person to Do?
Dianna Ellison  
4/30/2013   17 comments
Dianna Ellison explains that while we don't have a clear understanding of the cause of cancer-related fatigue, therapies are available.
Feeling Like the Perpetual Neophyte
Monica Key  
4/30/2013   7 comments
Monica Key shares some information on an exciting new drug now available for HER2/Neu positive metastatic breast cancer patients.
Sharing the ONS Congress Experience: Being a Cancer Health Policy Advocate
Ashley Leak  
4/29/2013   13 comments
Ashley Leak shares her political experience at this year's ONS Annual Congress meeting in Washington, D.C.
Interpreting Cairns: Advanced Directives & DNRs
Julianna Paradisi  
4/29/2013   25 comments
Julianna Paradisi explains the ongoing confusion often associated with patient DNR status and advanced directives.
Why Does the US Lag in Cellphone Precautions? WHO Knows
Michael Kaufman  
4/26/2013   10 comments
Michael Kaufman explains the potential risks associated with cellphone use.
So You Want to Start a Palliative Care Program?
Linda M. Gorman  
4/26/2013   6 comments
Linda Gorman shares some tips on how to begin the progress of developing a palliative care program.
Helping Heroes
Carole McCue  
4/25/2013   17 comments
Carole McCue explains that while healthcare professionals are committed to patient care, it can be a challenge when your patient is a criminal.
The Birds & the Bees of HPV
Katherine Trip  
4/25/2013   19 comments
Nurse practitioner Katherine Trip shares her enlightening conversation on the facts and fiction surrounding HPV-related cervical cancer.
Pain, Passion & Purpose
Sharlene Bidini  
4/24/2013   9 comments
Sharlene Bidini explains that our values may be the reason why we are in the field of oncology.
Dying of Embarrassment
Nicole Haines  
4/24/2013   18 comments
Nicole Haines explains that we need to be more practical with educating our youth, especially when it comes to testicular cancer.
Parallel Process
Rachel Odo  
4/23/2013   11 comments
Rachel Odo urges caution when we start to mirror the issues with our patients upon ourselves.
Cancer Awareness: Misinterpretation or Freedom of Speech Gone Too Far?
Dishon Kamwesa  
4/23/2013   19 comments
Dishon Kamwesa asks: What's an acceptable message when it comes to cancer awareness and support?
Remembering That Chemotherapy Does Have Risks: Final Diagnosis
Monica Key  
4/22/2013   6 comments
Monica Key explains a rare cardiac side affect precipitated by stress in the cancer patient.
Avoiding Pitfalls When Your Patient Is a Healthcare Provider
Julianna Paradisi  
4/22/2013   18 comments
Julianna Paradisi explains the pros and cons of being both a patient and a healthcare provider.
Transfusion Turmoil for an Australian Teen
Michelle Bragazzi  
4/19/2013   39 comments
Community editor Michelle Bragazzi asks whether a Jehovah's Witness teen should have been forced to receive a transfusion.
E-Vaping: Inhaling Secondhand Fumes
Ghida Bilani  
4/19/2013   13 comments
Ghida Bilani expresses her concern over the use of e-cigarettes in a public setting.
Unfamiliar Cancer-Fighting Food: Swiss Chard
Laura Newton  
4/19/2013   13 comments
Laura Newton shares some information on a cancer-fighting vegetable that may not be familiar to some.
One of the Most Challenging Patients of My Career
Cathy Cole  
4/18/2013   12 comments
Nurse navigator Cathy Cole shares her frustration and concern for a breast cancer patient trying to seek appropriate treatment.
Substance Abuse in the Hospice Setting
Maggie Hughes  
4/18/2013   23 comments
Maggie Hughes asks if end-of-life patients should be assessed for a history of substance dependency when receiving hospice care.
I Do Make A Difference: Encouraging Myself As A Self-Care Strategist
Joni Watson  
4/17/2013   5 comments
Nurse manager Joni Watson tells us it's often difficult to see the impact we make as nurses.
Recognizing Health Disparity for National Minority Cancer Awareness Week
Lori Smith  
4/17/2013   5 comments
Lori Smith explains that we need to do a better job at promoting cancer awareness and prevention among the minority population.
Oncology Professionals: Learn How to Care for Yourself Unconditionally
Carole McCue  
4/16/2013   14 comments
Carole McCue shares a a few tips on how we can provide care for ourselves like we do for others.
Increasing Head & Neck Cancer Risk With Other Forms of Tobacco
Dianna Ellison  
4/16/2013   23 comments
Dianna Ellison explains the dangers associated with smokeless tobacco products.
Remembering That Chemotherapy Does Have Risks
Monica Key  
4/15/2013   7 comments
Nurse practitioner Monica Key shares her encounter with a patient experiencing a rare side effect from chemotherapy.
Blood Warmers in the Oncology Setting
Julianna Paradisi  
4/15/2013   10 comments
Julianna Paradisi asks for your expertise regarding the use of blood warmers in the oncology setting.
April Is Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month – Are You at Risk?
Michelle Bragazzi  
4/12/2013   11 comments
Community editor Michelle Bragazzi shares some important risk factors in recognition of esophageal cancer awareness month.
How to Communicate With Kids When a Parent Has Cancer
Maggie Hughes  
4/12/2013   11 comments
Maggie Hughes shares some tips on how we can communicate better with children when a parent has cancer.
Study Links Omega-3 Intake to Reduced Risk of NHL
Michael Kaufman  
4/12/2013   11 comments
Michael Kaufman explains that diet may play a role in the development of NHL.
Blood Donation: What’s Holding You Back?
Dishon Kamwesa  
4/11/2013   23 comments
Oncology nurse Dishon Kamwesa would like to know what is preventing you from donating blood.
Cancer Abroad
Cathy Cole  
4/11/2013   3 comments
Cathy Cole explains that no matter where you are, once your professional identity is revealed, cancer conversations will soon emerge.
Lessons From the Bamboo Forest
Rachel Odo  
4/10/2013   9 comments
Social work specialist Rachel Odo explains how we can take a few lessons from the forest to foster our own growth.
Exit Strategy: A Cancer Patient’s Journey
Linda M. Gorman  
4/10/2013   6 comments
Linda Gorman shares the story of one man's journey with advanced cancer that inspired him to develop his own palliative care team.
Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation: Taking Care of Patients Inside & Out
Lori Smith  
4/9/2013   10 comments
Lori Smith explains the importance of addressing the side effects of pelvic malignancies and their treatment.
Issues Can Arise When Pediatric Cases Reach Adulthood
Melissa Scott  
4/9/2013   7 comments
Melissa Scott discusses the issue surrounding the treatment of younger adults in the pediatric versus adult oncology units.
Retention Through Recognition
AnnMarie Walton  
4/8/2013   21 comments
AnnMarie Walton shares her institution's initiative on steps everyone can take to help retain experienced nurses in oncology.
Juggling Cancer Prevention in Real Life
Julianna Paradisi  
4/8/2013   17 comments
Julianna Paradisi discusses the importance of minimizing cancer risk while maintaining a happy lifestyle.
World Health Day
Lori Smith  
4/5/2013   4 comments
Lori Smith asks if your organization is planning any special events for World Health Day.
Researcher Seeks Help Finding Solutions to Disparities in Colorectal Cancer
Michael Kaufman  
4/5/2013   6 comments
Michael Kaufman explains the importance of eliminating health disparities to help achieve a better outcome for colon cancer patients.
The Break Room: Caffe Sospeso for the Less Fortunate
Michelle Bragazzi  
4/4/2013   22 comments
Community editor Michelle Bragazzi asks if you feel suspending coffee is a good idea.
Questions & Conflicting Recommendations
Laura Newton  
4/4/2013   16 comments
Nutritionist Laura Newton explains the frustrations that practitioners and patients feel as dietary recommendations continue to change.
Anticipatory Grief
Rachel Odo  
4/4/2013   14 comments
Rachel Odo explains a type of grief that caregivers experience when their loved one is diagnosed with cancer.
Anti-Depressant Drug Showing Promise for Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy
Michelle Bragazzi  
4/3/2013   17 comments
Community editor Michelle Bragazzi shares information about an anti-depressant drug that may help patients with CIPN.
I Won’t Give Up
Melissa Scott  
4/3/2013   8 comments
Melissa Scott shares the story of one woman who is having difficulty facing the inevitable.
Reducing Stress With Mindfulness Intervention
Maggie Hughes  
4/3/2013   9 comments
Maggie Hughes asks if mindfulness activities are the next big thing in oncology care.
Nurses Are the Best Inventors
Joni Watson  
4/2/2013   7 comments
Joni Watson encourages nurses to become inventors in order to solve common workplace issues.
When the Oncology Navigator Becomes the Insurance Provider
Cathy Cole  
4/2/2013   7 comments
Cathy Cole shares her experience as a nurse navigator maneuvering patients through the insurance process.
Social Media in Oncology: Collecting Likes & Crowdfunding
Julianna Paradisi  
4/1/2013   25 comments
Julianna Paradisi asks if social media has an impact on cancer care?
Medication Tips for Palliative & Hospice Care Patients
Linda M. Gorman  
4/1/2013   9 comments
Linda Gorman discusses the importance of an ongoing medication regimen evaluation for the patient on palliative or hospice care.

Webinar Series
Tuesday, October 29, 2013 12:00 PM EDT

Presented by Ellen T. Matloff, MS, CGC , this webinar will highlight:

  • How to determine which patients require genetic counseling
  • How to help prepare your patients for the genetic counseling process
  • Testing options that are now available
  • How you can utilize this data in managing your patients and their family members

Participants will also be able to ask questions during a live question and answer period with speaker Ellen T. Matloff, MS, CGC .

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 12:00 PM EDT
Wednesday, June 26, 2013 12:00 PM EDT
Wednesday, April 10, 2013 12:00 PM EDT
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Patriotacp on Enhance your Business through Excellent Website Promotion
Patriotacp on Enhance your Business through Excellent Website Promotion
FDA Approves Onivyde for Advanced Pancreatic Cancer
Marijke Vroomen Durning, RN,
10/27/2015  3
On October 22, 2015, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Onivyde (irinotecan liposome injection, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Inc.), in combination with fluorouracil ...
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