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Content posted in April 2012
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Adolescents Are Concerned for Future Reproductive Health
Michelle Bragazzi  
4/30/2012   12 comments
Community editor Michelle Bragazzi discusses a new study that finds adolescents are concerned about their future fertility -- they just aren't talking about it.
Children Hate Being Sick
Kathleen Gordon  
4/30/2012   3 comments
Kathleen Gordon discusses the challenges of dealing with the pediatric patient and offers advice on how to address them in a way that improves care.
Controlling Our Image
Julianna Paradisi  
4/30/2012   18 comments
Julianna Paradisi discusses the public image of nurses and wonders what would happen if nurses took control of those erroneous perceptions through their own creative work.
Are Your Patients Experiencing Metal Mouth?
Michelle Bragazzi  
4/27/2012   15 comments
Community editor Michelle Bragazzi discusses dysgeusia and how to help your patients deal with this common side effect to chemotherapy.
Webinar to Explore 'Inequalities' in Breast Cancer
Michael Kaufman  
4/27/2012   6 comments
Michael Kaufman shares information on a free Webinar sponsored by Breast Cancer Action that will examine racial and socioeconomic factors that influence the health of individuals and communities.
PTSD & Anxiety During & After Cancer
Jess Keim-Malpass  
4/27/2012   14 comments
Jess Keim-Malpass discusses her study of young women facing cancer and the unexpected finding of PTSD and anxiety during and after treatment.
Moving From Knowing to Doing
Stephanie Wiseman  
4/26/2012   12 comments
Community editor Stephanie Wiseman talks about a study that cites more than half of all cancer is preventable and society has the knowledge to act on that information – it just doesn't. Why?
Don't Be Afraid to Rub My Feet
Nicole Haines  
4/26/2012   12 comments
Nicole Haines shares a story about how she empowered a young man to provide some hands-on care to his dying friend.
Do We Not Need Nurses Anymore?
Katherine Trip  
4/26/2012   13 comments
Katherine Trip ponders if nurses are "farming out" their expertise when it comes to patient care and the multidisciplinary care team.
Men: Add a Little Spice to Your Life
Michelle Bragazzi  
4/25/2012   10 comments
Community editor Michelle Bragazzi discusses new findings on the power of oregano in prostate cancer prevention.
Thoughts on Living With Cancer: The Diagnosis
Carole McCue  
4/25/2012   10 comments
Carole McCue shares her journey as an oncology nurse facing cancer.
When Work & Family Collide
Kathy Vickers  
4/25/2012   8 comments
Kathy Vickers shares the emotional struggle of how to support a family coping with cancer, given what she knows about the disease and its prognosis.
Normal Cells Have 'Personal Space' Issues
Stephanie Wiseman  
4/24/2012   5 comments
Community editor Stephanie Wiseman shares a new study published in Nature regarding the connection between cell overcrowding and cancer.
Childhood Cancer Survivors Face Higher Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
Kathleen Gordon  
4/24/2012   6 comments
Kathleen Gordon discusses a new study that suggests cardiovascular screening is essential for pediatric cancer patient survivors, both after therapy is completed and later in their adult lives.
A Special Cocktail for Bone Pain Management
Monica Key  
4/24/2012   10 comments
Monica Key shares a unique "cocktail" a patient shared with her to manage bone pain associated with growth-colony-stimulating-factor injections.
Detecting Oral Cancer With a Saliva Test
Michelle Bragazzi  
4/23/2012   9 comments
Community editor Michelle Bragazzi continues the discussion of oral cancer by sharing a new test being developed to check for the presence of oral cancer via saliva.
Sexual Health & the GYN Cancer Survivor
Lori Smith  
4/23/2012   7 comments
Lori Smith asks if oncology nurses are comfortable asking GYN cancer survivors the tough questions regarding their sexual function and satisfaction.
Telling Our Stories to Benefit Others
Julianna Paradisi  
4/23/2012   17 comments
Julianna Paradisi shares five tips on how to share your cancer journey story in a way that benefits your patients.
Is Breast Cancer Actually 10 Separate Diseases?
Stephanie Wiseman  
4/20/2012   6 comments
Community Editor Stephanie Wiseman discusses the new findings of a study published in Nature that classifies breast cancer into 10 different categories or clusters.
What Happens at a Family Meeting?
Linda M. Gorman  
4/20/2012   7 comments
Linda Gorman gives some insight into what happens at family meetings and offers advice on how nurses can better participate in them.
Not Enough Being Done to Protect Children From Carcinogens
Michael Kaufman  
4/20/2012   9 comments
Michael Kaufman reveals that even under a mountain of scientific evidence, the EPA has made almost no progress in applying its own policy to take action regarding the special susceptibilities of children to carcinogens.
Heart Head Heart Communication System Works
Sharon R. Vining  
4/19/2012   7 comments
Sharon Vining shares a new technique to communicate with patients from your head and your heart.
TheONC Visits Duke University's Cancer Care Center
Michelle Bragazzi  
4/19/2012   9 comments
Community editor Michelle Bragazzi talks about TheONC's recent visit to Duke University's radiation oncology department and how their team manages the unique needs of the head and neck cancer patient.
Our Good Intentions
Nicole Haines  
4/19/2012   11 comments
Nicole Haines talks about three experiments that highlight how they way patients perceive our intentions influence how they experience care.
The Health Benefits of Laughter Yoga
Anne Landry  
4/18/2012   12 comments
Anne Landry discusses the effects of a unique complementary therapy called laughter yoga.
Beads of Courage
Kathleen Gordon  
4/18/2012   13 comments
Kathleen Gordon talks about a great program her facility uses to help pediatric patients mark treatment milestones.
New Ultrasound Treatment for Prostate Cancer
Stephanie Wiseman  
4/17/2012   3 comments
A High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound promises to kill prostate cancer cells without destroying nearby tissue.
Nursing: Rising Above the Bedpan
Lori Smith  
4/17/2012   12 comments
Lori Smith discusses the frustrating truth that not everyone "gets" the definition of nursing.
Please, Drink Water!
Monica Key  
4/17/2012   16 comments
Monica Key discusses why staying hydrated is important for cancer patients.
Nasal Spray: Another Option for Cancer Pain
Michelle Bragazzi  
4/16/2012   15 comments
Community editor Michelle Bragazzi discusses a new nasal spray recently approved by the FDA to treat breakthrough cancer pain.
Creativity & Communication
Julianna Paradisi  
4/16/2012   8 comments
Julianna Paradisi shares how feeling unable to help a friend led her to a creative way to communicate her love and presence in that friend's life.
Missing the Obvious
Katherine Trip  
4/16/2012   11 comments
Katherine Trip finds out the hard way that sometimes the abnormal is a patient's normal.
Potential Breast Cancer Risk Associated With Injectable Progestin
Michelle Bragazzi  
4/13/2012   7 comments
Community editor Michelle Bragazzi reviews a recent study about the breast cancer risk associated with DMPA shot form of birth control.
Sign Out AMA & Pay the Bill: A Medical Urban Legend?
Debi Habyan Geotis  
4/13/2012   14 comments
Debi Geotis discusses the truth behind who pays when patients sign out against medical advice (AMA).
Thoughts on the Ultimate Cancer Center
Kathy Vickers  
4/13/2012   10 comments
Kathy Vickers ponders what the most important part of a cancer care center looks like and wonders who gets to decide when it's a one-stop shop.
When the Lost Get Found at Duke
Stephanie Wiseman  
4/12/2012   12 comments
Community editor Stephanie Wiseman finds herself lost at Duke University's Cancer Clinic and learns a valuable lesson about community.
What Do We Know About Cancer Vaccines?
Brenda S. Williams  
4/12/2012   5 comments
Brenda Williams discusses how cancer vaccines can be used in treatment.
Anniversaries: A Time of Celebration or Fear?
Lori Smith  
4/12/2012   7 comments
Lori Smith offers five helpful hints to support cancer survivors who fear recurrence.
Dental X-Rays & Brain Tumors
Stephanie Wiseman  
4/11/2012   9 comments
Community editor Stephanie Wiseman discusses a new study about the association between frequent dental X-rays and intracranial meningioma.
Summary of Supreme Court Hearings of the Affordable Care Act
Jess Keim-Malpass  
4/11/2012   11 comments
Jess Keim-Malpass gives a review of the arguments the Supreme Court heard regarding the legal challenges to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
Hospital Food: Not What It Used to Be
Kathleen Gordon  
4/11/2012   12 comments
Kathleen Gordon talks about how the hospital cafeteria is more than just a quick bite for patients and their families -- it's a life giver.
CDC's New Anti-Smoking Campaign
Stephanie Wiseman  
4/10/2012   17 comments
Community editor Stephanie Wiseman wonders if the new anti-smoking campaign is worth the investment -- or is the CDC simply preaching to the choir?
The Common Condition With a Sneak Attack
Monica Key  
4/10/2012   10 comments
Monica Key discusses a common scenario of how shingles can sneak up on patients and clinicians.
Cancer Survivors Face Work Re-Entry Issues
Deborah A. Boyle  
4/10/2012   9 comments
Debi Boyle discusses in-depth how cancer survivors engage in work after treatment, as well as issues they face in the workplace.
Fish Oil & Chemotherapy Resistance
Michelle Bragazzi  
4/9/2012   12 comments
Community editor Michelle Bragazzi discusses the impact of fish oil supplements on platinum-based chemotherapy.
Visualizing Your Creative Life
Julianna Paradisi  
4/9/2012   7 comments
Julianna Paradisi offers three exercises to stimulate your creativity through rediscovery.
Cancer Patients Have Rights, Too
Nicole Haines  
4/9/2012   4 comments
Nicole Haines discusses how oncology nurses can empower survivors to live by the NCCS' Cancer Survivor's Bill of Rights.
A Look Behind the News: 2012 AACR Meeting
Michael Kaufman  
4/6/2012   8 comments
Medical journalist Michael Kaufman navigates McCormick Place in Chicago to report on some of the more interesting information presented at the 2012 AACR Meeting.
New Batch of Counterfeit Bevacizumab Shipped to US
Michelle Bragazzi  
4/6/2012   7 comments
Community editor Michelle Bragazzi gives tips on how to recognize a new batch of counterfeit bevacizumab.
Supportive Care Screening
Kathy Vickers  
4/6/2012   5 comments
Kathy Vickers discusses the merits of having a formalized screening process in supportive care.
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Webinar Series
Tuesday, October 29, 2013 12:00 PM EDT

Presented by Ellen T. Matloff, MS, CGC , this webinar will highlight:

  • How to determine which patients require genetic counseling
  • How to help prepare your patients for the genetic counseling process
  • Testing options that are now available
  • How you can utilize this data in managing your patients and their family members

Participants will also be able to ask questions during a live question and answer period with speaker Ellen T. Matloff, MS, CGC .

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 12:00 PM EDT
Wednesday, June 26, 2013 12:00 PM EDT
Wednesday, April 10, 2013 12:00 PM EDT
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Patriotacp on Enhance your Business through Excellent Website Promotion
Patriotacp on Enhance your Business through Excellent Website Promotion
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