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Content posted in November 2013
A Healthy & Tasty Fruit This Holiday Season: Cranberries
Ghida Bilani  
11/27/2013   12 comments
Ghida Bilani, RD, explains that cranberries contain a wide variety of nutrients and are a great addition to any recipe -- especially for the upcoming holiday season.
Defining Courage: a Tribute to Our Patients
Rachel Odo  
11/27/2013   8 comments
Social worker Rachel Odo talks about how courage among her patients takes on many different meanings.
CDC Sounding the Alarm on 'Super Bugs'
Teresa Brown  
11/26/2013   11 comments
Teresa Brown discusses the growing concern over antibiotics resistance and the lack of proper preventive measures taken by our patients.
Warning: Nursing May Be Hazardous to Your Health
Deborah A. Boyle  
11/26/2013   11 comments
Deborah Boyle stresses the need to have programs in place to improve the overall health of nurses.
Tattoo Artist Helps Patients Achieve Confidence After Mastectomy
Lori Smith  
11/25/2013   14 comments
Lori Smith reports on a special procedure that may help breast cancer patients achieve self-confidence beyond mastectomy.
Evaluating Critical Care Costs & Patient Outcomes
Dianna Ellison  
11/25/2013   7 comments
Oncology nurse navigator Dianna Ellison expresses her concern over the high cost of critical care in patients with poor outcomes.
Cancer Survivor's Blogs Helps Others Cope With Survivorship Issues
Michael Kaufman  
11/22/2013   9 comments
Michael Kaufman talks about the cancer journey of one woman and how she is helping others with survivorship care.
Understanding the Overall Benefit of Pomegranates
Sharlene Bidini  
11/22/2013   20 comments
Nutritionist Sharlene Bidini explains in detail the health benefits associated with pomegranates.
Cancer Screening: Does One Size Fit All?
Michelle Bragazzi  
11/21/2013   9 comments
Community editor Michelle Bragazzi asks if cancer screening should cease by a certain age.
National Nurse Practitioner Week
Monica Key  
11/21/2013   15 comments
Oncology nurse practitioner Monica Key celebrates NP Week and shares some information on how practitioners are making an impact.
Today Is the Great American Smokeout
Bobbi Freeman  
11/21/2013   8 comments
Bobbi Freeman offers us advice on how we can encourage our patients to stop smoking.
Patient Education & the Internet
Linda M. Gorman  
11/20/2013   11 comments
Linda Gorman stresses the need for cancer care team members to properly educate patients on legitimate internet resources.
Can I Console a Family in an Extreme Situation?
Katherine Mitchell  
11/20/2013   6 comments
Oncology nurse practitioner Katie Mitchell asks how you console those in devastating situations.
Increasing Empathy With Literary Fiction
Nicole Haines  
11/19/2013   16 comments
Nicole Haines discusses a study that suggests literary fiction may help to improve patient communication.
The Journey Through Cancer
Carole McCue  
11/19/2013   7 comments
Carole McCue describes the seven levels of healing to help patients through cancer.
How Much Do You Know About the Pneumococcal Vaccine?
Beth Faiman  
11/18/2013   13 comments
Oncology nurse practitioner Beth Faiman explains the recommended guidelines for the pneumococcal vaccination.
Have We Forgotten About Penile Cancer?
Michelle Bragazzi  
11/15/2013   7 comments
Community editor Michelle Bragazzi discusses a male cancer that seems to receive minimal attention.
Drawing More Attention to Lung Cancer Awareness
Bobbi Freeman  
11/15/2013   11 comments
Nurse navigator Bobbi Freeman shares several resources with us and hopes to create more attention during Lung Cancer Awareness Month.
Shedding More Light on Florence Nightingale's Healing Theory
Michael Kaufman  
11/15/2013   9 comments
Michael Kaufman shares a study that helps to support Florence Nightingale's theory of light exposure.
The Break Room: What Was Your First Job?
Michelle Bragazzi  
11/14/2013   18 comments
Community editor Michelle Bragazzi wants to know about your first job and the impact its had on your career today.
The Health Benefits of Fruit Smoothies
Sharlene Bidini  
11/14/2013   16 comments
Sharlene Bidini, RD, CSO, a registered dietitian with board certification in oncology nutrition, shows us another healthy, tasty way to help increase our fruit intake.
Patient Engagement 101
Katherine Trip  
11/14/2013   12 comments
Oncology nurse practitioner Katherine Trip says that patients should be more involved in their own care for safety purposes.
Khan Academy Seeks Talented Health Educators
AnnMarie Walton  
11/13/2013   10 comments
AnnMarie Walton shares information on an opportunity for nurses to show their knowledge!
When Atmosphere Matters
Dishon Kamwesa  
11/13/2013   11 comments
Oncology nurse Dishon Kamwesa discusses the importance of environment when treating oncology patients.
Nutritional Tips to Remember During Palliative Care Awareness Month
Laura Newton  
11/12/2013   7 comments
Nutritionist Laura Newton explains the importance of proper nutritional support that's most suitable for the patient and not the family.
Helping Cancer Patients Navigate Social Etiquette
Julianna Paradisi  
11/12/2013   13 comments
Julianna Paradisi talks about the difficulty some cancer patients have when it comes to expressing their emotions.
Understanding the Risks Associated With Pancreatic Cancer
Lori Smith  
11/11/2013   13 comments
Lori Smith explains that while we don't have a definitive screening tool for pancreatic cancer, it is important to understand the associated risks.
A Different Kind of Veteran
Monica Key  
11/11/2013   11 comments
Oncology nurse practitioner Monica Key shares the story of one man whose had his share of cancer illness.
Treating the 'Difficult' Patient
Anne Booms  
11/8/2013   8 comments
Oncology nurse practitioner Anne Booms concludes that quality of life is a matter of perspective.
Colorectal Screening Hits a Plateau
Michelle Bragazzi  
11/7/2013   9 comments
Community editor Michelle Bragazzi shares a report explaining the recent findings of a colorectal screening survey.
Cultural Sensitivity in a Crisis
Cathy Cole  
11/7/2013   7 comments
Oncology nurse navigator Cathy Cole provides us with a few tips on providing adequate cultural care.
When Denial Turns Into Belligerence
Monica Key  
11/7/2013   10 comments
Oncology nurse practitioner Monica Key discusses her unfortunate experience with a patient in possible denial.
Asking in the 'Right' Places
Rachel Odo  
11/6/2013   6 comments
Social worker Rachel Odo talks about meeting the needs of both patient and caregiver in order to have a successful outcome.
When Personal Beliefs Collide With Clinical Practice
Teresa Brown  
11/6/2013   16 comments
Teresa Brown talks about healthcare providers refusing to provide care based on their own personal beliefs.
Movember for Men's Health
Sharon R. Vining  
11/5/2013   9 comments
Sharon Vining explains that things are getting a little hairy for Movember.
Preventing Hazardous Drug Exposure: N.C. House Bill 644
AnnMarie Walton  
11/5/2013   14 comments
AnnMarie Walton urges you to support legislation that may help minimize hazardous drug exposure in the workplace.
The Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds
Ghida Bilani  
11/4/2013   14 comments
Ghida Bilani, RD, explains that pumpkin seeds contain a wide variety of nutrients and are a great addition to many recipes or alone as a snack.
Maintaining Composure During a Significant Job Change
Julianna Paradisi  
11/4/2013   9 comments
Oncology infusion nurse Julianna Paradisi explains the stressors she has felt during her unexpected job change.
Peer Review Scams Exposed Gonzo-Style
Michael Kaufman  
11/1/2013   10 comments
Michael Kaufman shares some concerning information over the lack accuracy of peer-reviewed journals.
The Break Room: What's Keeping You Up at Night?
Michelle Bragazzi  
11/1/2013   14 comments
Community editor Michelle Bragazzi offers ways to combat stress-related sleep deprivation.
Role Re-Do: The Evolving Oncology Nurse
Deborah A. Boyle  
11/1/2013   9 comments
Deborah Boyle explains that the role of the oncology nurse may soon shift to reflect the changes in medicine and technology.

Webinar Series
Tuesday, October 29, 2013 12:00 PM EDT

Presented by Ellen T. Matloff, MS, CGC , this webinar will highlight:

  • How to determine which patients require genetic counseling
  • How to help prepare your patients for the genetic counseling process
  • Testing options that are now available
  • How you can utilize this data in managing your patients and their family members

Participants will also be able to ask questions during a live question and answer period with speaker Ellen T. Matloff, MS, CGC .

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 12:00 PM EDT
Wednesday, June 26, 2013 12:00 PM EDT
Wednesday, April 10, 2013 12:00 PM EDT
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Patriotacp on Enhance your Business through Excellent Website Promotion
Patriotacp on Enhance your Business through Excellent Website Promotion
Patriotacp on Enhance your Business through Excellent Website Promotion
FDA Approves Onivyde for Advanced Pancreatic Cancer
Marijke Vroomen Durning, RN,
10/27/2015  3
On October 22, 2015, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Onivyde (irinotecan liposome injection, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Inc.), in combination with fluorouracil ...
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