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Content posted in October 2012
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Black Cancer Patients Received Less Clinical Trial Information Than Whites
Michelle Bragazzi  
10/31/2012   13 comments
Community Editor Michelle Bragazzi explains that minority patients tend to receive less information regarding clinical trials when compared to whites.
The Power of Memories
Dianna Ellison  
10/31/2012   7 comments
Dianna Ellison shares how storytelling can provide patients with validation.
Women’s Rights: The Battle Is Far From Over
Lori Smith  
10/31/2012   19 comments
Lori Smith provides some statistics about how women's health may be affected by the upcoming presidential election.
Perjeta: How Much Should a Life Be Worth?
Stephanie Wiseman  
10/30/2012   20 comments
Community editor Stephanie Wiseman discusses a great new drug recently approved for metastatic breast cancer and asks: Is the extended life worth the expensive price tag?
Nurses’ Personal & Professional Experiences as Cancer Survivors
Carole McCue  
10/30/2012   7 comments
Carole McCue shares findings on how a cancer diagnosis changes and impacts a nurse's personal and professional life.
Patient Boundaries: Don't Stand So Close to Me
Teresa Brown  
10/30/2012   14 comments
Teresa Brown shares a story about a woman who took "you're like part of the family" a little too far after her husband's death.
Oral Rinse Showing Promise for Radiation-Induced Oral Mucositis
Michelle Bragazzi  
10/29/2012   15 comments
Community editor Michelle Bragazzi explains the benefit of doxepin for radiation-induced oral mucositis.
How to Tell a Child a Parent Has Cancer
Julianna Paradisi  
10/29/2012   17 comments
Julianna Paradisi shares her strategies on how a patient can walk through a cancer diagnosis and its treatment with his or her children.
Thoughts on Being a Nurse & an Introvert
Jess Keim-Malpass  
10/29/2012   19 comments
Jess Keim-Malpass shares her experience of being an "INFJ" on the Myers-Briggs scale, and how it impacts her professional life.
Cancer Patients With Advanced Diseases May Expect a Cure
Michelle Bragazzi  
10/26/2012   22 comments
Community editor Michelle Bragazzi states that cancer patients with advanced diseases may be overly optimistic about a cure.
Uh, Oh! The Chaplain Is Here
Joni Watson  
10/26/2012   14 comments
Joni Watson talks about an often overlooked member of the cancer care team: the chaplain. What are you doing to honor Clergy and Chaplain Appreciation Month?
SCID: The Bubble Boy Illness
Melissa Scott  
10/26/2012   8 comments
Melissa Scott shares her experience with severe combined immunodeficiency and wonders about other illnesses in which chemotherapy is used as treatment.
The Break Room: Honoring Beauty
Stephanie Wiseman  
10/25/2012   13 comments
Community editor Stephanie Wiseman offers Talia Castellano, a 13-year-old cancer patient and makeup guru, as an example of true beauty.
Confirming the Cancer & Advanced Age Connection
Deborah A. Boyle  
10/25/2012   7 comments
Debi Boyle shares the sometimes forgotten truth: Cancer is a disease of the elderly and shares the unique, often unaddressed needs of this population.
Have You Gotten Shot Yet?
Katherine Mitchell  
10/25/2012   11 comments
Katie Mitchell discusses the value of the flu shot to cancer patients (especially those in active treatment) and those around them.
Another Layer of Protection: Multivitamins
Michelle Bragazzi  
10/24/2012   10 comments
Community Editor Michelle Bragazzi asks if we should still be skeptical of multivitamin use?
Cancer Care for Women With a History of Sexual Assault
Lori Smith  
10/24/2012   10 comments
Lori Smith discusses the issue of prevention care in women who have been sexually assaulted.
Medical Jargon: Question the Goose
Nicole Haines  
10/24/2012   14 comments
Nicole Haines shares how her struggle with understanding song lyrics is like a patient trying to decipher medical jargon used during their treatment.
Children & Cancer: Poor Sleep, Obesity
Stephanie Wiseman  
10/23/2012   10 comments
Community editor Stephanie Wiseman shares a recent study about kids, electronics use, poor sleep, and obesity, and ponders if it's time to help kids see the link to lifestyle choices and increased cancer risk.
Cancer-Fighting Food in Season: Apples
Laura Newton  
10/23/2012   17 comments
Laura Newton talks about the cancer-fighting properties of apples and offers suggestions on how you can add them to your diet.
No More Compression With Breast Imaging?
Cathy Cole  
10/23/2012   8 comments
Cathy Cole shares information on a new imaging technology that uses near-infrared (NIR) light (and very little compression) to scan breast tissue.
Statin Use May Reduce the Risk of Esophageal Cancer
Michelle Bragazzi  
10/22/2012   9 comments
Community editor Michelle Bragazzi reports on a study that says statin use may reduce the risk of esophageal cancer.
One Does Not Simply Leave Cancer Land
Julianna Paradisi  
10/22/2012   14 comments
Julianna Paradisi shares that once a person has cancer, they never really leave "Cancer Land" behind.
Credentials & Experience Are Not Enough
Sharlene Bidini  
10/22/2012   16 comments
Sharlene Bidini shares recent changes in hiring criteria that are requiring everything from vaccines to weight loss.
Study Identifies Link Between Depression & Poorer Outcomes
Michael Kaufman  
10/19/2012   9 comments
Michael Kaufman shares new data that links depression to worse outcomes in patients with cancer.
Nutrition & Breast Cancer: Awareness Continues Beyond October
Kristi Mason  
10/19/2012   8 comments
Kristi Mason shares some strategies to limit breast cancer risk through good nutrition.
Life Support: Whose Decision Is It?
Rachel Odo  
10/18/2012   15 comments
Rachel Odo shares the case of SungEun Grace Lee's request to be taken off life support (and subsequent recant after familial pressure), and asks, "Who gets to decide when it's time to end life support?"
Lance Armstrong: Cancer Savior or Doping Devil?
Stephanie Wiseman  
10/18/2012   32 comments
Community editor Stephanie Wiseman discusses Lance Armstrong's decision to leave as the chairman of Livestrong in the wake of evidence he doped during his professional cycling career.
Bonding Over Politics
Melissa Scott  
10/18/2012   8 comments
Melissa Scott shares how she has bonded with patients over an unexpected topic: politics.
Prolonged Formula Feeding May Increase the Risk for ALL in Pediatrics
Michelle Bragazzi  
10/17/2012   16 comments
Community editor Michelle Bragazzi explains a potential risk factor for children developing ALL.
Don't You Forget About Me
Teresa Brown  
10/17/2012   11 comments
Teresa Brown shares what it's like to run into a patient in public, and what it means when they ask, "Do you remember me?"
When in Doubt, Throw It Out!
Laura Newton  
10/17/2012   10 comments
Laura Newton offers four tips for food safety every cancer patient (and nurse) should be following.
Should Electronic Medical Records Be Open-Sourced?
Stephanie Wiseman  
10/16/2012   11 comments
Community editor Stephanie Wiseman comments on one man's decision to post his medical records to the world via a website in order to find a cure for his brain cancer.
Have You Had the Conversation?
Linda M. Gorman  
10/16/2012   7 comments
Linda Gorman discusses The Conversation Project and how nurses can use this resource to encourage patients and their loved ones to have end-of-life discussions.
The Burden of Navigation & the Obligation of Leadership
Joni Watson  
10/16/2012   12 comments
Joni Watson shares the how the role of nurse navigator would improve if nursing management changed the broken systems navigators must maneuver.
Smoking & Alcohol Consumption May Increase the Risk for Pancreatic Cancer
Michelle Bragazzi  
10/15/2012   11 comments
Community Editor Michelle Bragazzi explains the risk factors leading to the early onset of pancreatic cancer
Reiki & Its Benefits
Geronima Cortese-Jimenez  
10/15/2012   11 comments
Reiki Master and oncology nurse Geronima Cortese-Jimenez shares how Reiki can benefit patients.
Alopecia & the Pirate
Julianna Paradisi  
10/15/2012   11 comments
Julianna Paradisi discusses losing her hair from treatment, encountering a pirate, and realizing there's more to us than how we look.
Are Inmates Receiving Adequate Cancer Care?
Michelle Bragazzi  
10/12/2012   11 comments
Community editor Michelle Bragazzi questions the quality of cancer screening and care for inmates.
Are You Dense?
Katherine Mitchell  
10/12/2012   8 comments
Katie Mitchell shares the concern of breast density and mammography sensitivity.
Fear of Recurrence: It's Not Just for Patients
Deborah A. Boyle  
10/12/2012   10 comments
Debi Boyle discusses how caregivers are just as likely as patients to live in fear of recurrence, and offers some strategies on how nurses can help caregivers manage their feelings.
The Break Room: Couponing
Stephanie Wiseman  
10/11/2012   14 comments
Community editor Stephanie Wiseman shares her experience as a couponer and offers some strategies on how to start clipping and saving.
Chuck Pagano & APL
Melissa Scott  
10/11/2012   13 comments
Melissa Scott shares the story of pro-football coach Chuck Pagano's announcement that he has APL, and offers an easy way Colts fans (and others who want to help) can support someone battling a hematological cancer.
Information Explosion
Rachel Odo  
10/11/2012   9 comments
Rachel Odo discusses the inevitable Internet searching patients do regarding their cancer and how to handle it.
HIV May Explain the Rise in Anal Cancer Cases Among US Men
Michelle Bragazzi  
10/10/2012   8 comments
Community Editor Michelle Bragazzi explains the rise in anal cancer cases.
An Unexpected Theme for the Week
Monica Key  
10/10/2012   8 comments
Monica Key shares how the theme of her work week turned into a valuable education builder.
Food Is Love
Laura Newton  
10/10/2012   7 comments
Laura Newton says meals are a great way for loved ones to show the cancer survivor in their lives a practical example of their care.
India's New Mandate: Breast Cancer Screening at 30
Stephanie Wiseman  
10/9/2012   10 comments
Community editor Stephanie Wiseman shares an article about India's new focus on screening women beginning at age 30 for breast cancer and remarks on the similar issues Indian and American clinicians struggle with: educating women.
To the Mountains I Shall Go
Gari Jensen  
10/9/2012   12 comments
Gari Jensen shares the experience of watching a young patient die with no friends or family around him.
Human Error Related to System Failure
Katherine Trip  
10/9/2012   11 comments
Kathy Trip shares a case where a medication issue was really a failure in the online ordering system, not the nurses involved.
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Webinar Series
Tuesday, October 29, 2013 12:00 PM EDT

Presented by Ellen T. Matloff, MS, CGC , this webinar will highlight:

  • How to determine which patients require genetic counseling
  • How to help prepare your patients for the genetic counseling process
  • Testing options that are now available
  • How you can utilize this data in managing your patients and their family members

Participants will also be able to ask questions during a live question and answer period with speaker Ellen T. Matloff, MS, CGC .

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 12:00 PM EDT
Wednesday, June 26, 2013 12:00 PM EDT
Wednesday, April 10, 2013 12:00 PM EDT
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Patriotacp on Enhance your Business through Excellent Website Promotion
Patriotacp on Enhance your Business through Excellent Website Promotion
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